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Is Your Shoulder Pain Causing You to Miss Out on Life?

If you are suffering with shoulder pain, you have come to the right place.

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What is Shoulder Pain?

Pain resulting from injury, disease or some other condition in the shoulder is common and can cause enough discomfort that you may end up missing out on some of your favorite aspects of life.  The shoulder, the most mobile joint in the human body, includes 4 tendons holding muscles to the bones.  The four tendons, also referred to as the “rotator cuff” tendons, stabilize the upper arm bone to the shoulder socket facilitating the wide range of motion in the shoulder.  Shoulder pain is very common with many causes.  An accurate diagnosis of the cause of the pain is critical to establishing a treatment plan.

The most common complaint affecting the shoulder is impingement syndromes, usually involving the rotator cuff tendons.  This means that the shoulder doesn’t move properly causing inflammation, discomfort, and pain.  

How WellnessOne can help...

Patients are very regularly seen at WellnessOne of Redding for shoulder pain and they experience excellent results.  Through special chiropractic manipulation and special mobilization techniques our doctors are able to restore the range of motion previously lost.  When combined with acupuncture and massage to relieve the inflammation and pain, WellnessOne is able to give you back the range of motion you need to live your life.

WellnessOne of Redding is Northern California's most comprehensive shoulder pain treatment center.

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