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Our mission at WellnessOne is to improve the lives of our patients.  

But don't take our word for it...

Here's what our patients say about us: 

"In great pain 4 years ago, I came to Dr. B and he said, "God did not mean for you to walk on the face of the earth in pain." His incredible healing hands and fabulous sense of humor have made all the difference in my wellness. I can enjoy life now! Plus ultrasound, accupuncture, Yoga overlooking the water, massage and more, wow! Thanks to the fun bunch at front desk, Michelle (the boss), Ben (biz genius), Alysha (the beautiful). xoxo, Happy Patient"

~Bonnie Troop~

"I got in a car crash at the end of the summer of '09 and I started Chiropractic care with Dr. Bryan about a month after the wreck. I have had to go through my family doctor, physical threpy and chiropractic care since the wreck and the only thing that has definitely made a difference in how my entire body feels(for the better, of course) is chiropractic. I sleep better, I have more energy, my appetite is better, and best of all... I can actually relax. Dr. Bryan rocks."

~Kelly Gasm~

"Dr. Meredith at WellnessOne of Redding began treating me almost four years ago for debilitating migraine headaches stemming from spinal injuries I had been ignoring for 2 decades. I was very skeptical but complied with the recommended treatment. I have not had one migraine headache since and the proper curve in my neck is nearly restored.

Last July I was involved in a motorcycle accident, sustaining major injuries, including leg, knee and wrist fractures, three bilaterally bulging neck discs and shoulder injuries. My physicians and physical therapists have been instrumental in repairing the bone damage. However, I returned to WellnessOne as soon as I physically could and Dr. Meredith instituted a wellness plan to improve the acute and chronic pain from my new injuries.

I was referred to WellnessOne Acupuncturist Joe Hlibica to treat my pain. Though skeptical, I began treatment. I also requested help in regaining my energy levels and losing some weight from being laid up. I just completed my sixth session and the difference in all of these areas is extremely amazing! My pain levels have been significantly reduced, I have less swelling and I feel more relaxed, less bloated and the scale is finally inching the right way.

The staff at WellnessOne is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Dr. Meredith and Mr. Hlibica each take the time necessary to determine my medical needs and the treatments best suited to improve my specific injuries, general health and my overall quality of life. I highly recommend Wellness One."  

~Jeanne Capell~

Dr. Meredith is first in class and his entire staff is amazing!! I had always heard about chiropractic care but I was always a skeptic. After several continuous months of lower back pain I knew I needed something besides all the meds my doctor was giving me. All I was doing was masking the pain. After talking with Dr. Meredith and discussing how chiropractic care could benefit me I decided to give it a go. It has been over four months since I have had any pain and I feel great!! He also has several nutrition support products to utilize in tandem with chiropractic care. Dr. Meredith believes that the human body was designed to heal itself and if you provide your body with the support it needs it will do just that. Take for example the common cold, with my wife running a day care from our home I was sick a lot. Since I have been in Dr. Meredith's care I haven't been sick once. Pretty amazing stuff. I am a believer now and I will recommend Dr. Meredith to anyone who is interested in becoming healthy. My quality of life has drastically improved and I owe it all to the good people of Wellness One of Redding. You won't know the benefits of natural healing unless you give it a chance. I am sure glad I did.

~Wesley Barone~

Attended their yoga class while visiting from Southern California. The instructor is great, with a lot of background in Ayurveda which she nicely infuses into the class. The practice consisted of both pranayama and asanas. Their space overlooks the river which makes a lovely backdrop to the asana practice. Beautiful! Everybody was super nice - I would definitely go back there regularly for yoga and treatments if I lived in the area. And I'll be dropping in whenever I'll be in town next.

~Manuela S.~

When I first began to see Dr Meredith about a year ago I had lost 70% of strength in my left arm.  I am a Veteran, and I had been treated at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto.  After a series of MRI's and X-Rays, it was determined I had 5 bulging disks in my neck, two of which were pushing on the spinal column and on the nerve to my left arm.  Their prognosis was to operate as soon as possible.  Dr Meredith began an adjustment program for me, I would see him four times a week.  As the weeks went by the strength began returning in my left arm.  Two weeks ago I returned to Palo Alto to see my Surgeon there.  After a series of physical tests I was told out of a possible 5, 5 being the best I was a 4+.  I can hardly express in words my gratitude to Dr Meredith and his wonderful staff, for what they have done for me.  I have regained 90% of the strength in my left arm, and today I see the Dr. only once a month.

~Clayton Hixon~

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